The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

At an early team get together we were trying to sum up our company’s core value proposition. What it is we do, and for who? What value did we convey to our customers and in what way?  Primarily we are in the inspiration business, shipping motivational posters to startups.  But one of our team quipped 'actually you know what we're in the paper business - we ship paper in cardboard tubes'. The wiseass was right. Well he wasn't strictly correct but it did get us thinking. Eureka, we have to put something back! Why not plant those trees now, which we didn’t plant 20 years ago. So we are, and so are you.

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If you purchase one of our inspirational posters we pass on a donation to WeForest a non-profit organisation that has been planting trees since 2008. As well as helping fix our ecosystem, they’re getting the earth cooler and alleviating poverty. Are they any good at it? Damn right they are. By 2013 they planted 5 million trees. Now that's startup that's delivered. Check out what they do in more detail at

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