So who exactly is in control of your life?

It is very difficult to understand why we work hard. Really hard, when we aren’t obliged to. Either we work hard just to make more money, or due to the urge of self satisfaction that we often find through our working day. People who work hard only for money, seldom love their job. On the other hand, people who love their job will seldom talk about money. They’re the guys you need in a start-up.

They prefer job satisfaction over the financial aspect. Working only for money often becomes painful while doing a job which you love gives you the ultimate job satisfaction and immense pleasure.

Albert Einstein Quote

If you are working for pure pleasure, then you are at the driver’s seat of your life. You are the person responsible for driving your life to the direction you love the most. The reward that you get by doing so is a very powerful feeling and satisfaction which no amount of salary check can offer you.

As Albert Einstein once told us ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.’ So we have to let our imagination help us decide whether we get in the front seat, or hitch a ride in the back. We used this message to design this motivational poster.

If you have decided to make only money or please your boss or meet the deadlines, then in the real sense, you are in the back seat of the car. And this vehicle is your life. You are at the mercy of the driver, let it be you. Doing something about which you are not very comfortable is like compromising with yourself. And while blindly running after money you don’t even realize when you have entered a rat race. Even now if you win the race, you will still be a rat.

It is not a rocket science. You have to follow your heart and be bounded by your imagination, not somebody else. You should have the courage to ‘say No’ to things that do not excite you. If you feel like leaving your present job and settling down in a remote island, then just go ahead with it. There should not be any scope of justification to anyone else. If you are happy with your decision, just do it.

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