Where exactly would I put a Startupzap poster?

Motivational Posters

The answer is pretty much anywhere. Made of rugged PVC and printed to be fully waterproof you can hang one of our motivational posters anywhere. Our posters are made to inspire and motivate, and we recognize that doesn’t just happen at your desk.

The top 5 ‘interesting’ places where our posters are used:

  1. In your shower. That’s right, smack next to the Old Spice and the loafer. One bright spark, Pablo from Chile, just did that and he put up one of your posters in his shower, so every morning he gets inspired by his chosen inspirational quote (for purposes of safety we requested he did not send us a picture).


  2. In your pool.  If you are lucky enough to own or get use of a swimming pool, you can dive in and put one our motivational posters at the deep end. Don your speedos, goggles and get inspired whilst you are lapping.
  3. Outside. A simple enough idea.  As our posters will deal with the wind and rain you can use our posters outside of your office, say in your roof garden or smoking area. No frames or covers needed, just the right spot to be seen and noted.
  4. In a sauna.  I beg your pardon?  Yes why not. No better place to sit back, meditate and get inspired. You might be getting steamed up, but relax and take it all in and look up at one of our motivational posters. You might need a cool shower after, our poster will keep going on inspiring. 
  5. Finally in your office. That’s right as modern and technologically advanced our posters are they are designed first and foremost to hang pride of place in your workspace.

At Startupzap we motivate whilst you build, and that can happen anywhere, brining technology to inspiration, and not just in the workplace.



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