Are we in B2B, B2C or H2H: Human to Human?

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Somewhere in the midst of the business models, the value proposition and how we build a business is ‘the human’. The human is our customer; our business is made of ‘humans’; our products designed by ‘human’; serviced, sold and delivered by Human. When we forget that, we will fail to succeed, in whatever the pursuit, whether it is marketing, selling or starting a new business.

Often think that we seem to be obsessed with making things complicated, as if the more complicated it is, the cleverer we become.  Complexity becomes a currency somehow to gain credibility. It certainly doesn’t motivate people to success. As Albert Einstein coined it "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." We seem to surround ourselves in the belief that it has to be complex to win, it does not have to be the case.   

Working in the startup community we point company founders to the fact that the most important capital a company with 3-5 employees in its infancy, is its human capital. The human.  

Recently Bryan Kramer coined the term H2H, indeed Human to Human and with his blessing we commissioned a motivational poster to convey this message visually, check it out in our store

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