The guy who turned £80m into paradise

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting and listening to an inspirational talk delivered by Tim Smit. Our time with Tim was a game changer. 

Tim is a Dutch-born British businessman, famous for his work on the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project, both in Cornwall, Britain. 

He dreamt up and then created the Eden Project, near St Austell, an £80 million initiative to build two transparent biomes in an old china clay pit near the village of Bodelva.

Smit has been outspoken in his views on issues such as social enterprise and entrepreneurship. In a 2008 interview, he said:

‘Britain is crap at being entrepreneurial because (a) it's a risk averse country, and (b) the stigma of failure is so high that if you fail you're considered to be a loser. Entrepreneurism is a word that has been stolen by people who don't understand it. The truth is that people who are entrepreneurial take risks, and risk is something that is un-British, and if you're successful with it they'll hate you for it.’

Tim delivered some very direct and focused motivational advice, entwined with authenticity, humor and some colourful language.  Now our task is design a motivational poster especially for Tim and thank him for his inspiration and unique form of inspiration.  

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