What Is Your Favorite Motivational Quote?

Motivational Quotes
Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners and Freelancers. We want to know what is your favorite quote? The best quotes you heard or saw, which you really like, or motivates you everyday. It can be anything from your funny boss quotes or quotes from a startup event. Criteria you should follow: it must be motivational and business/startup oriented.


The best and most original motivational quotes will be printed. Winners will be able to add their logo or company name (3 copies) and receive 3 copies of this poster for free.


How to Enter

To enter the competition and for more information contact us use twitter hashtag #AskStartupZap. Send us your quotes via Email and Social Media.


Feel free to ask questions and bounce ideas off us. As a growing Startup we really appreciate your support so please like share this competition. 


Thanks Guys!
Motivational Posters

     Startup Motivational Poster

Motivational Posters

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