3 Things We Took From the Websummit

The annual event which has become a global phenomen took place again this week in Dublin.  What started as a modest conference aimed at tech companies and startups, has turned into a serious must-do event for tech entrepreneurs and startups, looking for inspiration and more likely – investment. It is, WHERE THE TECH WORLD MEETS.

So our team armed with a handful of stickers to press the flesh, meet startups from across the world and to see what they thought of our motivational posters.

What were our three takeaways from the 2014 Websummit?

1. Startups enthusiasm is infectious. Wow, the buzz is truly amazing. You can almost touch the excitement in and around the exhibition space with tech entrepreneurs from the four corners of the globe. You can hear inspirational quotes and motivational conversation throughout the day.   
2. Startups are creative. One thing for sure is that the young (and older) teams working on new business ventures make things happen with little resources and a lot of time.  Some of the ideas we saw were amazing, but the best solved real life problems.
3. Startups love our stickers Well in entrepreneur land you have to learn that no one tells you ‘your baby is ugly’. Most people you meet will be pleasant, eager and positive and so it was during this week all the people we met universally were inspired by our motivational stickers, with simple inspirational quotations.

The most positive feedback we got was for out Get Shit Done stickers and people were bowled over by our FREE Get Shit Done iPhone wallpapers. Roll on #Websummit2015.