What kind of asshole wants a poster of their own quote?

Well that it is a good question? And we were grateful to have a bit of online banter with Andrew Mason the co-founder of and formerly the CEO/Founder of . One of the first motivational posters we designed, and still one of our favourites, is We can’t be afraid to be weird which uses a quote from Andrew.

After offering him a free copy of the motivational poster, hoping he'd pin it up in his new startup, maybe tweet a pic and give us a high5, nope Andrew came back one of the funniest interactions we have had on twitter. And we are guessing he is a guy who doesnt mince his words. Thanks Andrew!

This inspired us to create a new poster, which we put up on our store and was promptly purchased by Tara and is hanging in a startup incubator in Ontario, Canada. Who would have thought this could happen? And Andrew, if you are reading this, yes you can have a poster. We'll ship one free to you no problemo (tbh, we're not even thinking of tweeting him, just in case). 

You can check out this new insiprational design, and our original poster, in our motivational poster collection.





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