10 Rules for Success

We all need a plan for success and happiness. More often or not we need some simple guidelines or inspiration to get ourselves going in the right direction. Often the best motivation can come down to a few words of sage advice, that when implemented, make you feel positive. That's a little of the inspiration for our motivational posters stickers. Something that is visually appealing and inspiring at the same time. Check out these 10 rules for success;

1. Define your purpose.

Create a plan of action and start working toward it immediately.

2. Create a "master-mind alliance."

Contact and work with people "who have what you haven't."

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3. Go the extra mile.

"Doing more than you have to do is the only thing that justifies raises or promotions, and puts people under an obligation to you,"

4. Practice "applied faith."

Believe in yourself and your purpose so fully that you act with complete confidence.

5. Have personal initiative.

Do what you have to without being told.

6. Indulge your imagination.

Dare to think beyond what's already been done.

7. Exert enthusiasm.

A positive attitude sets you up for success and wins the respect of others.

8. Think accurately.

In Hill's words, accurate thinking is "the ability to separate facts from fiction and to use those pertinent to your own concerns or problems."

9. Concentrate your effort.

Don't become distracted from the most important task you are currently facing.

10. Profit from adversity.

Remember that "there is an equivalent benefit for every setback."

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Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts