Welcome to Blue's Business Clues!

Hey all,

From all of the Startupzap Team, we hope you're having a fantastic #getshitdone day so far! 

Now, without further adieu, it's time for Blue! I bet you are as super excited for him to reveal his surprise as much as he is! He's been bouncing around the office all week, waiting patiently to share his purely genius news! (Queue drumroll)... Welcome to Blue's Business Clues!

Just a quick catch-up for those of you who don't already know; Blue is our company's chief magician, Mark's, super cool puppy. Blue, however, is not just any ordinary old puppy. He works tirelessly, day in day out, entertaining the masses who pop in and out of our office - which isn't an easy job let me tell you! So understandably this has earned himself the title of "The Entertainer". 

With that being said, our little entertainer has decided it's about time he puts his stamp on things, and wants to motivate all you out there, while giving you excellent business advice at the same time. Is he not the coolest?

However, at the end of the day, Blue is still a dog, so he needs a little help from his master, Mark. I know we have some loyal super fans out there who already know this (we love you by the way), but for those of you who don't, here's a fun fact for you! Mark is an entrepreneur himself, and has worked for many years (probably more than he'd care to admit ;)) advising startups and businesses, has globe trotted with these skills and has an impressive network under his belt. Therefore, he is definitely one to listen to referring starting up a business. He also knows just how important it is to motivate and be motivated - not just in his line of work, in all walks of life. This, of course, is how Startupzap's motivational posters came to be! If you haven't checked us out yet, what's stopping you??

So, how Blue's Business Clues will operate is, for the next 16 weeks, Blue, armed with the nuggets of golden information that he has acquired from Mark will come to you every Friday with different stories on business advice, information you will need for starting up a business, and overall classic motivational numbers on other entrepreneurs who have done it before. He would love for you to tune in and check it out. But most of all he wants to offer you a community, so join in and interact with him, and most of all enjoy.

He’s all about a bit of fun, and hopes that you fall in love with him and his business clues as much as we have. We’re telling you you’re in for a treat. Remember to check us out on Fridays! Have a lovely Easter weekend. We’ll touch base next week.

Blue and The Gang.


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