8 Motivational Posters to Get You Thinking

Dream big. Feel success. Get it done. Challenge yourself. Build better teams.

When it comes to designing a motivational poster, the words are key. Yet so is the colour and message. What impact will it have on you and office each day.

1 Engage the senses by varying the text size


Find the phrase above hard to read? By varying the text size on a single word as we’ve done above it draws attention. This motivational poster is certain to inspire. 

2. Think of a Minimalist Poster


We feel like every time I walk into a design studio or agency you'll find a minimalist motivational poster on the wall. Sophisticated, yet stunning.

3. Working with Shapes


Shapes can be great design elements or building blocks for illustrations. Above, a few circles turn into a sharp illustration for the poster we showcase.

4. Bold text for a bold statement


 Sometimes you have to be brave to make a statement.  This one is down to Picasso. 

 5. Convey a sense of determination


Texture and high contrast can also help convey success. This motivational poster comes in 9 varieties, check them out here

6. Use a Script

We’re a sucker for beautiful letterforms, especially those in script faces. The movement their many curves and swashes create is mesmerizing. Because they’re so decorative, they’re often all you need to create a killer poster.

7. Brighten it up with flowers


But not just any flowers. Flowers, just like colors have meanings. Brush up on floriography, or the language of flowers, and tie your choice to your message. Roses’ meaning, for example, depends on its color as well as their number.

8. Frame it.


Literally frame it.  Whether it’s black or white, your poster will always look better framed, and stand out.

Thanks for reading our design perspectives and take time to checkout out our poster gallery.


Alex Kirhenstein
Alex Kirhenstein