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When I have to go the extra mile, when I have to get many things off the ground, when I want to get concentration, when I want to be creative and motivated, I always turn to the same fact: stay alone with my task.  Because when we are an entrepreneur or a startup we tend to multitask.

It is a simple fact, nothing special. But tremendously powerful and effective: I and my task alone, with nothing in front or around.

That moment makes that all my creativity, experience, skills and knowledge, to sum up; all my “productive senses” are dedicated to the task. This fact shoots up my productivity immediately.

But at work time, we don’t enjoy privacy with what we have in front of us. There are so many internal and external guests, imposes by other and especially self-imposed by ourselves, that we are hardly ever alone with our tasks.

These are the treasures that are behind of “being alone with your task”:

  • Understanding: Any problem or stuck task starts to sort out, it gets understandable and it resolves before we had thought.

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  • Intensity: My energy and effort are dedicated to only one thing, one point, looking in only one direction.

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  • Tranquillity: the solitude with the task, gives you serenity and confidence.

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  • Creativity: Ideas come up when you focus on what you are doing

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This is also a way of not procrastinating. There aren´t any things inviting me to look in another direction, there are no excuses near to say "I will do it tomorrow", the only temptation I have is ahead: finish this now.

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