Different color motivational posters. Which one is for you? We ask the question.

We as you can guess we love color – lots of it - and design is important to us. So when you choose a motivational poster consider its color as well as its impact on your office. We love color!

1. Why not liven the place up with a red motivational poster?


Red gets the attention. Like the red flag to a bull. It sticks out and helps drives action. This poster quote relies on the words of Steve Job.

2. Would a yellow inspirational poster be the right choice?



Yellow can make you alert and consider your day. Perfect office art to spur consideration.

3. Does a green motivational poster soothe the mood?


With a natural theme, we believe green posters act as a catalyst for thought and growth. 

4. Blue posters help clarity and thinking. Are they are inspirational?


Blue is considered the most productive color. And with a splash of yellow to add a little inspiration.

5. White motivational posters make you stop and think.


White posters are clean and neat, they make you think and stop for a while. 

6. Can Black and White posters cool the mood?


Well artwork that combines white with black certainly makes things a little less emotional. Whatever colour you prefer, be sure to look at this stunner and take a quick look at some of our posters in our store.










Alex Kirhenstein
Alex Kirhenstein