The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence

by: Startupzap

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  •  A2 - 42 x 59.4cm - 16.5 x 23.4in


The confidence of a Queen, keeps everybody keen. We're telling you it’s true! The same goes for all you Kings out there too. We’re all human, and from time to time, little things can get in the way and cause you to wobble (just a little bit), it’s only natural. However, in those times of turmoil it’s good to look to this as a reminder to pull it together, hold your head up high and keep it truckin’, and do so with confidence! You know that’s right.

Quote by: Beyoncé


Liz Flewing"Loved these posters as soon as we saw them online." 
Liz Flewing, Deputy Director, Venture Lab IE Business School

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